Nehemiah Gathering


May 7, 2024    
6:00 pm

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We know all too well that our world – local, regional, national, global – needs our Tikkun Olam energy and action. Here’s what our congregation is doing, and how to support us through raising your voice.

Starting summer 2023, our Social Justice Committee joined the Good Faith Network on behalf of our congregation. It is a national, interfaith initiative. In Johnson County, 28 congregations (Christian, Jewish, and Muslim) have created a local network so that we can act together to improve lives in our community.

The Good Faith Network has identified three crucial focuses: affordable housing, homelessness, and mental health. The Network has helped pool resources, collect research, find funding sources, and promote effective advocacy with our County Commissioners. The Network has developed a process for working with our Commissioners to make important policy and funding changes to help achieve these important goals.

Why are we talking to you, our fellow congregants? We need your voice so that we can urge our Commissioners to continue this work. Evidence of effectiveness? Last year, 1200 people – members of our community’s congregations – participated in the Network’s culminating event, the Nehemiah Gathering (held at COR). Their collective voices has resulted in crucial policy and program changes that are moving us toward accomplishing our goals.

And we have a special connection to Nehemiah as the Good Faith Network’s model –

This year the Nehemiah Gathering is May 7, 6:00pm, at the Church of the Resurrection. Please come! Help our congregation make a strong showing of support. Our goal is to raise 1500 voices in unison to encourage the Commission to continue this work. That is a mighty voice. Please join us, lend your voice. It will be heard.

For questions or more information contact any of these members of the Social Justice Committee:

Dan Adler

(913) 205-1631

Jeanne Adler

Reva Friedman

(785) 766-7765

Alice Jacks

(816) 547-4553

Donna Thalblum

(913) 669-5229