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Welcome to the B’nai Jehudah family!

B’nai Jehudah has so many amazing things happening – programs for all ages and stages, a thriving religious school, and a warm, welcoming environment.

We provide our members with a home, a community and a faith and spiritual connection to enhance your Jewish journey. My goal is to help you accomplish your goal. Since every member’s dynamic is different, I’m here to act as a guide to help you find your place within the B’nai Jehudah family.

Feel free to join us at services or any of our upcoming programs and events and let us know you are here! I would love the opportunity to show you around the building.

Our congregation has a rich history of social justice, community connection and having a positive impact on our community at large. We have so many exciting programs and educational opportunities to help nurture Jewish meaning, connection and continuity.

Everybody’s journey looks different. Let me help you discover yours.  

Learn more about all that B’nai Jehudah has to offer you. Please reach out to me so we can begin the conversation!

Kelley Cowman
Membership & Education Coordinator

Membership FAQs

We’d love to have you join us! Contact Kelley Cowman, Membership & Education Coordinator by email or by phone at 913-663-4050 for more information and a membership packet. You can also complete your membership application here.

We’d love to have you join us! Contact Kelley Cowman, Membership & Education Coordinator by email or by phone at 913-663-4050 for more information and a membership packet. You can also complete your membership application here.

At B’nai Jehudah we ask you to pay an annual commitment called Terumah. The annual Terumah fees be found on our membership application.

Thanks to the ongoing generosity of our Ner Tamid donors, no one will be denied membership due to financial circumstances. Questions about Terumah? Please contact Kelley Cowman, Membership & Education Coordinator at by email or at 913-663-4050.

Consider helping others! Learn more about becoming a Ner Tamid donor.

Our members reflect the diversity of the area, coming from all walks of life and many different religious backgrounds and ethnicities. We welcome Jewish singles and single parents, interfaith families, Jews of color, and Jewish families in all their diversity, including LGBTQIA+ members. Our programs are designed to meet the diverse spiritual, religious, educational, and social needs of our members and to help individuals and families find their community.

There are many ways to become involved at B’nai Jehudah, and many of these offer great opportunities to meet and connect with other members! During your membership process, we hope to get to know you personally so we can connect you with programs, groups, and classes that complement your interests. We offer a warm and inviting atmosphere in which you can comfortably expand and explore your Jewish life.

Our prayer books are written for all levels of understanding. The text is written in three types of wording: Hebrew, English transliteration, and English all on the same page. (A transliteration is a phonetically written version of Hebrew.) Throughout the service the Rabbis will guide the congregation through the prayer book so that the congregant may follow the service in the wording that is most comfortable to the individual.

It’s easy to meet our rabbis and staff by getting involved! Bnai Jehudah is the largest synagogue in Kansas City, yet our staff and rabbis are accessible. Join us for Shabbat services and other events and activities to get to know our staff, clergy and other members of the B’nai Jehudah family.

Our rabbis and staff members are also available for a 1-on-1 meeting as well. You may schedule a meeting by calling 913-663-4050.

B’nai Jehudah is one big family. We support one another with a caring community and a culture of inclusiveness. We have weekly worship opportunities, adult education, religious school for children, youth group, social justice activities, and special programming targeted at members in various life stages, so you can more easily find and connect with like-minded members.

It is never too soon to be a part of B’nai Jehudah’s family! While we often think that synagogues exist to “teach Judaism” to our children, our greatest purpose is to support and to enrich each of us so that our own confidence as Jews can become the example from which our children will learn. B’nai Jehudah offers tons of programming for all ages (including young family programs), plus ongoing opportunities to study, experience, and enjoy being connected to a Jewish community. We even have an early childhood development center on site!*

To help you find your place in the Bnai Jehudah family, we offer a young family reduced annual membership rate (called terumah).

Want to learn more about our preschool offerings?

Contact Shikisha Smith at

B’nai Jehudah offers so much for families/individuals of ALL ages! We seek to nurture a mature development of spirituality and Jewish connection for people at every age of their lives. We focus on community building, with Sisterhood, Brotherhood, adult education, social action activities, our Mitzvah Garden and, of course, our regular worship experiences. The congregation endeavors to enhance your connection with other Jews and your personal search for connection and meaning.

View our program guide to see the variety of adult programs.

Yes. B’nai Jehudah has many interfaith couples/families. Our goal is to welcome and include all members regardless of their religious upbringing.

Yes! All family members are warmly welcomed at B’nai Jehudah, and we encourage members to attend as a family or couple. This helps your family unit become closer and share in the same knowledge of Jewish history, traditions, and culture.

Absolutely. When a family or couple joins B’nai Jehudah, all immediate family members/partner are considered full members. All spouses/partners are welcomed and encouraged to participate on all levels including committees, classes, and holiday and other events.

Jewish tradition places a high value on family life. We encourage all parents to be involved in their child’s religious school experience and we welcome your participation.

Want to learn more about Yalla!, our religious school?

Contact Dayna Gershon at

Yes. At B’nai Jehudah, we include the entire family. Find out more information on B’nai Mitzvah here.

In the Book of Ecclesiastes it is written, You shall give, as you are able, according to the measure which God has given you.

Ner Tamid donors support our operating costs and they make it possible for every congregant to participate in the life of our synagogue regardless of financial circumstances. Their extraordinary contributions are a vital component to the financial health of our synagogue. An annual commitment at one of these levels helps sustain our congregation and demonstrates an investment in our future. 

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Ner Tamid donor.