Examples of Liturgical Tunes and Melodies

To listen simply click the prayer you would like to hear. To download the MP3 file: “Right Click” and select “Save Target As”.

  • BOTTOM of pg 76: “Praise to You…”
  • TOP of pg 77: “Blessed are You…”
  • BOTTOM of pg 77: “Don’t let me…”
  • Eilu D’varim (Klepper melody)
  • BOTTOM of pg 88: “These are the things…” (reading)
  • TOP of pg 89: “The covenant…” (reading)
  • MIDDLE of pg 89: “There are eight degrees…” (reading)
  • BOTTOM of pg 89: “We need…” (reading)
  • TOP & BOTTOM of pg 136: “Find favor…” (reading)
  • TOP of pg 137: R’tzei – Silver (melody)
  • TOP of pg 137: R’tzei – Traditional (melody)
  • MIDDLE of pg 137: “Everpresent One…” (reading)
  • BOTTOM of pg 137: “On this holy Shabbat…” (reading)
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